Monday, October 18

More Bush Campaign Lying

Nicolle Devenish, communications mouthpiece of the Dope-F***Yourself campaign was on MSNBC just now blaming Kerry for the flu shot shortage.

Yes, you read that right. She blamed Kerry for the flu shot drought. The Bush campaign's new meme is that Kerry - as a senator - was part of the problem, not the solution. Drug companies were closed down during the last few years while Kerry was a senator. This, despite the GOP owning both houses, the White House and the Supreme Court. It was Kerry's fault that the warnings of shortages since 2001 went ignored.

The Bush maggots' strategy is to throw so many lies out there that it's impossible for ANYONE to keep up with them. This one is just plain stupid on the surface, but it might play to another ignorance-is-bliss theme. Instead of asking if Americans think Saddam helped plan 9/11 (the outcome is always dismally the same), pollsters should ask Americans if they think Democrats in Congress and the Senate are hindering Bush's grand plans, and if they believe there is a Democratc majority in both.

I'd be willing to bet the house (mine, not Washington's) that the answer will be just as dismal and disappointing.