Wednesday, October 27

We're Gonna Win This Thing

Rise up this mornin',
Smiled with the risin' sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin' sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin', this is my message to you-ou-ou:

Singin': don't worry 'bout a thing,
'cause every little thing gonna be all right.

Tonight, we head out to our little corner of sanity. The electicity is still spotty after Hurricane Ivan. The supplies will not be as plentiful. The menus will have fewer items from which to choose. But we'll be spending a lot of time looking at the insides of our eyelids with the sounds of tree frogs trilling as our background music. And using 20 cans of Avon Expedition Repellent to ward off those damned mosquitoes.

I'm feeling really good about the election right now. The winds are just too powerful at Kerry's back, and the stormclouds are finally - FINALLY gathering over the once-unstoppable Bush disaster. The media are waking up. The public is waking up. Funny - America, once proud of being cutting-edge and forward thinking, has simply been either too alseep or too afraid to realize what the rest of the world has known for a couple of years. Bush is a menace to safety. A menace to the economy. A menace to morality. A menace to security.

He had the eyes, ears and hearts of an entire planet when the worst attack on American soil occurred on his watch. Instead of accepting that love and loyalty, he squandered it just so he could get his hands on his personal bogeyman. As the monster who didn't make threats but who actually DID attack us is still at large, the wrong bad guy is sitting in jail - as his former country burns with the same smell of death that he himself ignited a decade ago - this time, under the failed "leadership" of the Bush administration.

Meanwhile, as an estimated $220 billion gets plowed through in Iraq, Americans are still scraping to put meals on their tables. To get education for their kids. To get a damned job long after their unemployment benefits have dried up. To get decent pay for the first-responders who risk their own lives in every American town. America is burning with a much different fire. These are our people. Our parents. Our kids. And we must take care of them.

But this adminstration - as much as they like to think of themselves "compassionate" - calls spending anything on Americans "a handout." "Rewarding the lazy." And as a testament to insanity, they have no problem diverting that money to a war that was so horribly ill-conceived and hideously ill-planned that we're now actually fighting the very people we were supposed to have liberated.

The utter failure of this, now the biggest issue of the campaign, is just one of the many reasons the Bush administration must be stopped.

Thanks to not only the nerve and temerity of a doctor/governor from a small New England state who gave America permission to criticize our government's dismal mistakes - but to a persistent band of fighters armed with keyboards and internet connections with odd names like Atrios, Kos, Bartcop, Buzzflash, Calpundit, Blah3, the late great MWO and too many more to mention - we have proven to the nation and the world that rolling over and playing dead is no longer an option.

We're here. We're proud. And God DAMN it, we're Americans. We're patriots. We love our country. It's out of that love that we're overtly and openly challenging a thug cartel which has harmed our land, our people and the people of the world community, which we must recognize as no less important and no less human than ourselves.

The Bush criminals have never learned that strength does not come from using force, but from setting an example as to how to AVOID using force. They never learned that Bush's presidency could never - by ANYONE'S estimation - be seen as a mandate of the people when 500,000 more Americans voted for his opponent. They never learned that avenging the lives of 3,000 souls in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania by taking the lives of tens of thousands of other souls in a non-involved country is an affront to decency, morality and basic common sense.

Factor in their horrendous record on the environment, corporate crime, education, and just about every single bread-and-butter issue affecting the majority of working America, and you'd be hard pressed to find one single solitary reason to give these bastards another four MINUTES of power, let alone four more years.

Word is spreading. People are paying attention. Brain cells are igniting. John Kerry and John Edwards are looking destiny in the eye at this minute, and it's calling them to duty. We must heed the call - not just for Kerry and Edwards, but for an entirely new team of responsible attentive fellow patriots as their cabinet. If we can get a few more seats in the house and senate, so much the better.

George W. Bush - we've seen your resume. We've seen your job performance. It is with no remorse whatsoever that we declare you - fired.

Celebrate the one night where you are the star. The night where you make the decision to send our country into that new direction.

The night where you can honestly and proudly say, "I did everything I can to save my country."

Know that I'll be on a friendly little island celebrating with you, hearing it on the local radio station translating the patois rolling out the speakers, and cheering for President-elect John Forbes Kerry. The future begins now. We're gonna win this thing.

America, the greatest country in the world (proven by our resilience against the last four years), has more than earned it. See you on the other side of victory.