Sunday, October 24

Okay. I Want Kerry to Take Office NOW. Today. Immediately.

Or maybe I should say that I want my mommy. This is - again - what I feared most about invading a country accused of having WMDs but not having a reason to use them until they're invaded. Josh Marshall, give us the bad news.
This has been rumored in Washington for several days. And now the Nelson Report has broken the story.

Some 350 tons of high explosives (RDX and HMX), which were under IAEA seal while Saddam was in power, were looted during the early days of the US occupation. Like so much else, it was just left unguarded.

Not only are these super-high-yield explosives probably being used in many, if not most, of the various suicide and car bombings in Iraq, but these particular explosives are ones used in the triggering process for nuclear weapons.

In other words, it's bad stuff.