Sunday, October 17

Is bin Laden in China?

Hats on, readers...

Sgt. Bill sent along this 10/10 article from Spain's El Mundo.

Here's the original story.

Here's the translation.
Bin Laden Is In China
So confirms Gordon Thomas, a journalist with contacts in major intelligence services. The terrorist might have reached an agreement with China, which is now negotiociating his return with President Bush. It's the latter's great electoral trick.


During the final stretch leading up to the U.S. elections, Osama bin Laden could become the ace up President Bush's sleeve. At this very moment, Washington is negociating, in utmost secrecy, a deal with Beijing, the Chinese capital, to extract bin Laden from his sanctuary in the turbulent Muslim provinces of China, to the northwest of the country of the Great Wall.

More than five million people, many of them fanatical followers of Osama, live in what is considered one of the most volatile regions on Earth. Thousands of them work for the crime syndicates that traffic in human beings or drugs to the west. Last summer, bin Laden finalized a treaty with the government in Beijing, in which the latter would guarantee safety for bin Laden, while he would guarantee the cessation of the guerilla war by Chinese Muslims against the Chinese government.
So who's Gordon Thomas? A self-proclaimed terrorism and intelligence expert who runs a website with great big piles of "evidence" - available only if you subscribe.

Uh...right. Thank you for calling, Gordo. Nonetheless, Sarge hopes Teresa will outbid Bush on this. I like that. Me? The ballgame's coming on. C'mon, 'Stros!