Wednesday, October 20

Jon Stewarting is Catching On!

Yes, "Jon Stewart" has become a verb - as in Senator Mary Landrieu (D-La.) Jon Stewarted Sean Hannity tonight on the teevee right after the Cheney interview. Wackyguy posted the transcript at Kos. Why? Because only posted the Cheney interview. Guess the kitchen got too hot for 'em.

Here's the Jon Stewarting:
HANNITY: ...joining us with a Democratic reaction to the interview that I just had with the vice president is Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu.

Let me put on the screen here a Fox News poll from yesterday as it relates to the vice president and his daughter, and I was asking him about it. Kerry's reference to Cheney's daughter: 25 percent said appropriate, 64 percent said inappropriate.

How do you feel about it? Was it inappropriate?

U.S. SENATOR MARY LANDRIEU (D), LOUISIANA: Well, first of all, Sean, let me say, I wasn't call what just happened with the vice president an interview. I think it was an info-commercial for the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign. With all due respect...


HANNITY: Hey, Senator, if you want to insult me...

LANDRIEU: If I got to watch the interview...


HANNITY: Senator, Senator, I think you're a lousy senator.


LANDRIEU: I'm not insulting you. I'm giving you my opinion about the what the interview ...


HANNITY: Senator, if you want to insult my interview, you can...

LANDRIEU: It's what the interview was.


HANNITY: This is an opportunity to go a little deeper and get a little bit more knowledge in a very comfortable environment for both candidates. So if you don't like it, I don't really care, but we have offered it to both sides in the name of fairness.

So if you want to come on the program and try and insult me or insult the channel, that's fine, but you have been a guest on this program multiple times and for you to do that, I think, is a cheap shot by you. So we'll move on.

Do you think -- to answer the question -- do you agree with the poll or do you disagree with the poll?


LANDRIEU: Sean, I'm not trying to be disrespectful to you. But I'm entitled -- I'm not trying to be disrespectful to you, but I'm entitled to my opinion. You asked me to come on the show and respond to the interview.


HANNITY: I didn't ask you that question though. I asked you about Dick Cheney's daughter.

LANDRIEU: I understand. And I'm going to get there in just a minute.

HANNITY: If you want to be insulting, if you want to make cheap shots, you can...


LANDRIEU: You asked me to come on this program...

HANNITY: Right. So why don't you answer the question I asked you...

LANDRIEU: You asked me to come this program and respond to the interview.

HANNITY: Answer the question then.

LANDRIEU: So I was thinking what I thought about the interview.
May the trend continue.