Friday, October 22

See If Schwarzenegger Puts Him In His Next Movie

JESSE! JESSE! JESSE! Once a showman, always a showman...
Without saying a word, Ventura gets behind Kerry

ST. PAUL (AP) - Former Gov. Jesse Ventura now supports John Kerry for president. You'll just have to take Angus King's word for it.

In a bizarre news conference Friday in the Capitol complex, Ventura stood silently next to the former Maine governor in an event billed as independents for Kerry.

King said Ventura wouldn't be talking but had authorized King to answer questions on his behalf. Ventura, King said, had changed his mind after saying last month that he didn't like either of the candidates.

Asked if Ventura's presence meant he was endorsing Kerry, King replied: "Yes."
First Mick Foley. Now Jesse. It doesn't get any better.