Friday, October 22

Another Co-Worker Discussion

I just had another chat with a fellow worker - a very pleasant one, I'm happy to say - who as a surprise to me said she's going to vote for Bush. Why? She doesn't want to spend all that money for welfare people and the oh-so-harmful domestic programs.

I told her, "Look - you're paying. If that's your concern, don't worry. You're paying. Your share of the Iraq war so far is already over $600."

She said she didn't mind paying for that. I got all frowny-faced with her and said, "Y'know...I'm funny this way. I'd rather we kept the money here and helped Americans who need the help - not a country that needs our help only because we blew them up. And I'd sure rather have that $140+ billion spent on securing our citizens and getting the REAL bad guys who actually attacked us. Call me crazy."

At least she looked like I gave her something to think about. She finally said she's not crazy about either candidate. I told her to look past the candidates and go several deep in the bench - the cabinet - and at least give THAT some thought.

Maybe I didn't change her mind, but she was receptive. And when walls come down, fresh air blows in.