Saturday, October 16

More Jon Stewart Thoughts

I got a video of the Crossfire appearance yesterday (you cannot call it an interview since he didn't let either Begala or Carlson get a fluffy question in), and just watched it on a real TV screen - not a postage-stamp-sized internet stream.

First of all, I haven't seen Stewart this "real" and this passionate since his first Daily Show after 9/11. He was almost despondent that he had to come on and say what he needed to say about how CNN - as all network news - is completely negligent in its duty as an outpost of journalism. Begala and Carlson kept trying to steer the conversation to Stewart's book, but Jon wouldn't have any of it. He was following a calling, and he seized the chance too many others have missed. Carlson was so rattled by Stewart's comments that he resorted to character assassinations - his show is funny, but his lectures are boring; he's not funny; he's better on his own show than he is on Crossfire - until Stewart was pushed into finally calling Carlson "a dick." And after watching these guys' inability to counter him, you realized how shallow they are at debating, and how...well, dicklike they are as defenders of their "craft."

As long as folks like Jon Stewart roam the landscape, the emperors will always have someone calling them naked. God bless 'im.