Thursday, August 26

1972 - A Very Busy Year for George W. Bush

Ever have a year where just all kinds of stuff happened and you needed to make changes in your life? Bush had one of those in 1972. So diverse was his life that year that a seemingly endless number of accounts don't even cover it.

The Washington Times says he was with the Alabama Air National Guard during the summer. This was conclusively proven by none other than a girl who said she dated him back then. She also mentioned he went to work for the campaign of Winton Blount that summer - after which he called her to say he was going to finish his ANG duty. Bush working for Blount is also mentioned at...

The US Embassy Web Site in S, Korea - except his official bio there says he worked for Blount in the spring of 1972, and returned to Houston after the election to do a little "volunteer" work at the Professional United Leadership League (PULL), teaching underprivledged kids basketball and wrestling and taking them on field trips to prisons. The bio skips to his enrollment into Harvard biz school in 1973. But wait...

The Official Bush Bio at the White House site says he didn't enroll in Harvard until 1975. And apparently, all his charitable anthropological achievements in 1972 didn't exist - as well as the year 1972 itself. But the decidedly pro-Bush... has at least ten screens worth of Bush's accomplishments in 1972 - none of which seems to be on the Bush Administration's own radar.

All I know is I graduated high school, registered as a CO with the Selective Service, goofed off all summer and started an education riff with the State University of New York system (which we lovingly refer to as Grades 13 and 14). Man, I guess I just led a boring youth.