Friday, August 27

Air America Radio's Grand Old Party Adventures

They're proactive to say the least. AAR is jumping into the GOP convention with gusto.

Unfiltered has a great promotion called "Take a Republican to Lunch" where AAR listeners bring a GOP delegate to lunch at one of the Time Out NY restaurants and get 10% off the tab.

Al Franken is spearheading The Great American Shoutout. It's simple yet elegant. Thursday night, as Bush is applauded to the podium, thousands of Americans will fling open their windows and yell "FUGGEDDABOUDIT" until he starts his speech. Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore and Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz have given Franken their blessings on this project.

Randi Rhodes hosts the Satire for Sanity comedy show every night of the convention at Rocky Sullivans. Admission is $10 for Democrats, $400 for Republicans.

Liberals are funnier. We have to be. It gets us through the pain.