Tuesday, August 31

Say It Ain't So, Mike!

He says it ain't, although the decision is his own to make - not USA Today's. We hope he stands his ground.
GOP 2004: Moore May Not Return to MSG

NEW YORK - Following all the commotion Monday night, Michael Moore may not return to Madison Square Garden for the Republican National Convention. According to editors at USA Today, which is publishing his daily column this week, Moore told them that he was choosing not to return again.

However, they said he would continue to write his daily column and they stressed that in no way did they second-guess their decision to have him write the commentary.

But on Tuesday afternoon, Moore e-mailed E&P to clarify his position, saying that he may return to the convention and that it is his "right as a writer to be there."
Moore's email included:
"Your article is not quite true. I may go back inside. It is my right as a writer to be there. I followed all the rules, both of the convention and those put forth by USA Today. I was given official credentials. The New York City police assured me that they would guarantee me my right to be there with my credentials.

"I see no 'down side' in my attending the convention - only a down side for the Republicans come Nov. 2."
Go back in and keep 'em honest, Mike.