Friday, August 27

Bob Dole Says McCain Was Right in 2000

That's what Bob Dole says. In a moment of brutal honesty, and totally forgetting that he was supposed to heap praise on Bush on Wolf Blitzer's show Sunday, the cameras rolled on Dole while Blitzer played the 2000 "Shame On You" debate clip.

A CNN mole released the tape to Slate. Although the broadband version of the video loads horribly long even with broadband, let it load. The audio is much more clear and unmistakable.
BLITZER: At that time, John McCain was in a neck and neck battle with the president for the Republican presidential nomination. I want you to listen to what he said to the president in that debate...

DOLE (under Blitzer): Oh, I saw it. Yeah...

BLITZER: ...on February 15th, 2000.

(As tape plays on air, off-air we hear:)

DOLE: ...And he was right.
Ouch. As we get older, we sometimes to forget when to lie and when to let our true feelings out.