Sunday, August 29

GOP Tough Guys Show Their Tolerance

Let's see...during the Democratic Convention, there was row after row after row of right-wing Republican cheerleaders hogging the radio area in the Fleet Center, spitting out their usual wingnut pap over their networks.

At the GOP convention, Michael Moore will be filing reports for USA Today, and they don't want him there. And of course they demonstrate the kneejerk violent streak which has made us famous around the world. Link
Alabama delegate Terry Butts: "I'm from South Alabama, and we're used to dealing with jackasses, and so I look forward to making his acquaintance. In Alabama, there are probably a few good ol' boys who would know how to put a good knot on his head."

Louisiana delegate Carey Holliday: "I would be delighted if he slapped me. Because then I could defend myself. And it would all be on camera. He'd be hit from so many angles - he'd never even catch me. Four hundred-pounders move very slowly and with no wind at all. I'm 53 and in good shape."

Alabama delegate Rick Sellers: "I think I'm going to contact the officials with the convention and have his media tag pulled. This is ridiculous!"

North Carolina delegate Jim Cain: "The bomb squads and drug-sniffing dogs should give him a thorough once-over before letting him into Madison Square Garden."

Nebraska delegate Rod Krogh: "I doubt he's going to want to provoke people - I would assume he's a better judge of his body than that. I'm 6-foot-2 and 175 pounds. If we went to the mat, that's one match that I know my limits."

South Dakota delegate John Teupel: "If he's going to show up at the GOP convention, hopefully he has the sense and tact to act like a civilized human being. If he wants to get in my face, I'm plenty capable of getting back in his."