Wednesday, August 25

Grasping at Straws at FoxNews

Jon Scott, host of Fox News Live, still isn't very good at this whole Fox thing.

I did a fly-over on Fox News this morning when I saw a clip of John Kerry on The Daily Show, so I stayed to watch whatever trainwreck FoxNews was going to deliver. They delivered.

Scott did a menage a trois with Okie Governor Frank Keating (R) and Steve McMahon, Joe Trippi's former partner in managing the Dean campaign, and now with the Media Fund.

Scott, of course, launched the predictable discussion, "Was this a good idea for John Kerry, appearing on a comedy show like this, wuzzit?" Funny thing was, both Keating (a staunch Bush guy) and McMahon agreed it was a great idea and that Kerry came off beautifully, finally showing his lighter conversational side.

Scott then made the astute complaint that "the clip we just saw didn't have that much comedy in it" (It was a 10-second shot of Stewart interrupting Kerry giving a laundry list of issues Bush can't talk about to ask "Never mind all that - are you a flip-flopper?"). That cute observation fell flat.

Predictably again, the conversation quickly changed to how the Swift Boat Pests' commercials are hurting Kerry. McMahon brought up that the longer the discussion continues, the more people will realize that Bush shirked his duties in the ANG. This is where Jon Scott said something that made the airbags in my TV deploy - paraphrasing from memory here...

All this time, not one person has stepped forward to say that George Bush did not show up for duty.

You read that right, folks. Scott was planting the talking point that so far, not one soul said that Bush didn't show up.

McMahon wasted no time in squashing Scott like the bug he is, stating that not one person, even with a $10,000 reward for doing so, said he DID show up - then took it over the edge...and I urge you all to remember this:

The one thing that each and every Swift Boat Veteran does agree on is that they ALL saw Lt. John Kerry in Vietnam.

Checkmate, Jon, you weasel. And that was, as they say, that. A completely moronic desperation ploy met head-on with an irrefutable statement of fact, delivered to the gut of the FoxNews audience. Well played, Steve McMahon.

A nice start to my day.