Tuesday, August 31

Keith Olbermann: Moore Owes McCain

Heh. Keith seems to be lovin' this almost as much as Moore...

Michael Moore's big smile tonight wasn't defensive, nor pasted on, nor panicky. He shouldn't have just smiled, he should've sent John McCain a check.

For the thousands inside Madison Square Garden and the millions of Republican faithful watching on television, John McCain's skewering of Moore tonight was a moment of revenge, served per the old Italian saying - the dish that is best enjoyed cold.

And it just sent another weekend-full of movie-goers to see "Fahrenheit 9/11," put another million or two into Moore's pockets, and revivified a controversy that had begun to deflate behind the Swift Boat ads and the President's sudden reversal of field towards the impossibility of "winning" a war on terror.

It is a lesson unlearned by generation after generation of politicians of all stripes, religious leaders of every denomination, and moralists of any other field: If you want to belittle something in the media, ignore it.

Instead John McCain just gave it a plug.

John McCain put Michael Moore back into the Presidential Campaign.