Tuesday, August 24

Man, Am I Ever Getting Tired of Hearing THIS

When are we going to stop hearing so-called journalists apologize to us for not doing their jobs - and instead get their lazy butts in motion to seek out the truth?
"In my view, we've all been a bit slow in our business to look at the facts, enjoying the tussle over the story a bit too much. But 'The Washington Post,' 'The New York Times,' Knight Ridder and perhaps others have done a lot of looking at the facts and those facts raise a lot of questions about the accuracy of the attacks."
If you want higher journalistic standards where you work, Aaron Brown, your network (or almost any network) is not the place to be. It doesn't take much, Aaron. Do your homework. At least do what we do for free - get on the web and get as much information as you can. And for Cronkite's Sake, challenge rumors as they're made and make the speaker prove it - don't hold your head in your hands in awestruck curiosity, bat your eyes and say "Reeealy?"

But if CNN's paying you to dress in a suit and echo garbage, there's no real motivation for that, is there?