Tuesday, August 24

Boston Globe - Come On Down!

The media continue to line up behind Kerry. From a Wednesday morning editorial, "Bush's dirty work"...
Speaking on CNN Sunday, former presidential candidate Bob Dole, himself a wounded veteran of World War II, said Kerry should apologize for his testimony and questioned whether Kerry actually bled from the wounds for which he received three Purple Hearts. This is inane. It is time to steer the campaign back to the issues voters care about: jobs, health care, education, the war on terror, and the one in Iraq. The voters are ill served by an ugly, distracting campaign fueled by bitter men.

President Bush has steadfastly refused to call an end to this trash. On Monday Bush issued a broad condemnation of all so-called 527 political groups from both the left and the right that have been exploiting a loophole in campaign finance reform laws with a vengeance this season. This is fine, but the watchdog Federal Election Commission hasn't lifted a paw to do anything about it despite several formal complaints. If Bush is serious about returning this campaign to a reasonably civil plane, he will call on the FEC to close the 527 loophole immediately, and he will call his friends who are bankrolling the swift boat ads and ask them to stop.