Monday, August 30

Can We PLEASE Start Using This in a TV Commercial?

Bush Spent About 42 Percent of His Presidency On Vacation. According to an April 2004 CBS News report, Bush has spent 233 days at his Texas ranch since being inaugurated, including his 78 days at Camp David and five days in Kennebunkport, Maine. Since April, Bush has spent an additional 33 days at either Camp David or his Crawford ranch. In total, Bush has spent 42.4 percent, or all or part of 535 days, of his time in the White House at a vacation spot. [Washington Post, 4/9/04]
Tagline: In the most dangerous days in American history, George Bush took vacations over 42% of his days as president. And HE wants to challenge John Kerry on showing up for work?

When the going gets tough, Bush takes vacations. America can do better.