Tuesday, August 24

No Indeedy, No Connection Here

First of all, let's make this clear: The MoveOnPAC TV spots use stats and facts. The Swift Boat Liars is pure hearsay. Oh, and there are blatant connections to the Bush campaign:
Bush Campaign Lawyer Is Advising Swift Boat Group, AP Reports

Aug. 24 (Bloomberg) President George W. Bush's re-election campaign lawyer said he is giving legal advice to the veterans group that is challenging Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry's account of his service in the Vietnam War, the Associated Press reported.

Benjamin Ginsberg said he agreed to provide legal service to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth when asked to advise the group about a law related to the First Amendment, the wire service reported.

Ginsberg, who said he hadn't decided whether to charge the group for his work, didn't tell the Bush campaign what he discussed with the group, AP said, citing Ginsberg.