Tuesday, August 24

Pew Research: The Faith Thing

For being the self-professed moral leader of the free world, Bush is sure doing a lousy job in convincing voters, according to Pew:
Fully 64% of voters say the issue of "moral values" will be very important to their vote. Kerry and Bush run about even among voters on the question of which candidate could do the best job in improving the nation's moral climate (45% Kerry vs. 41% Bush).
On stem-cell research:
Overall, a narrow majority of Americans (52%) now say it is more important to conduct stem cell research than to not destroy embryos, up from 43% who expressed this view in March 2002.

Among religious groups, nearly two-thirds of white non-evangelical Christians (65%) now place greater importance on conducting stem cell research than on not destroying embryos; only about half in this group (51%) held that opinion in March 2002.
The bottom line is Bush is on the wrong side of this issue, according to most Americans.