Friday, October 8

And Finally...

Kos points out that most of the good reviews of Kerry came from Fox News. What a weird night - Bush not looking sedated this time made a lot of the puppetheads swoon. Sad, really, that we're back to lowered expectations from the guy who's running the goddamn country. As I said earlier tonight, the sheer volume of Bush's shrillness is being (mis)interpreted as strength. And as I said earlier - bullshit.

To further the SCLM myth, everyone, including Brokaw, thought Kerry's look-into-the-camera moment was his version of "Read My Lips." Quick math in my head tells me that the middle-class tax cut is an ENORMOUS money-saver over tax cuts for the wealthy. And Kerry didn't do a blanket "No New Taxes" as Bush I did - he's going to restructure it so the middle-class has more to spend. BIG difference. Sadly, most of what the middle-class will spend it on is their enormous debt from the last four years.

I'm guessing that this was one of those debates where everyone feels as if their guy won. I thought Kerry was very articulate and Bush was just yapping for his political life. And Bush didn't wheel the bin Laden gorilla cage out onto the stage, so the October surprise is still a secret.

Huge kudos, however, to the Kerry gang at the WU campus tonight. They OWN the background of MSNBC's After Hours coverage. And DAMN - behind Buchanan? That's the biggest Kerry/Edwards sign I've EVER seen on TV.