Friday, October 15

Applause for "Nightline"

Last night, Ted Koppel dissected, sliced and diced Swift Boat Vets for Bush leader John O'Neill, as Nightline presented a story from the witnesses in Vietnam and what they saw during John Kerry's day at the delta. Read the interviews here.

After the piece, Koppel interviewed O'Neill who kept holding books (both his and the Boston Globe book on Kerry) up to the camera. Koppel implored him to stop holding up books since the camera couldn't pick up the text, and to just speak to him. O'Neill was so married to this strategy that he couldn't stop fumbling for books and he continued to hold them up to the camera to prove his point. O'Neill looked like a world class bag lady and a befuddled clown as Koppel pleaded with him to just answer the questions he was being asked, and to draw on what he saw himself. No dice.

O'Neill - without much help from Koppel - made himself look like the blithering fool he is.

Democratic Underground has links to the episode with a few mirror sites. Check it out here - or right-click here to download it.