Tuesday, October 5

Bush Taking A Long Time To React Seems To Be A Bad Habit

Mr. Decisive did it in a Florida classroom on 9/11. And he's doing it again on the 9/30/04 debate. But instead of seven minutes, it's taken him a full friggin' week. And please note, he couldn't think on his feet in either scenario.

Next time anyone, ANYONE tells you Bush is soooo good at decision-making, please site these two thought-required disasters. From National Review Online:
LINK - The President will really put the hammer down in his 10am speech tomorrow morning. He'll lay out his own positions concisely, but the bulk of the speech will be a damning tour through Kerry's Senate record (domestic and foreign policy) and his recent statements on Iraq, the war on terrorism, etc. It resurrects many of the best hits on Kerry that were dropped from the convention speech for the sake of being "positive" ... and it makes a lot of the rebuttals you probably wish you'd heard from the President in last week's debate. Should be a lot of fun - Joe Lockhart and Co. will be whining like little girls tomorrow.
You guys made an artform of it since Thursday night. I don't think we can top your whining. But thanks for your letter. Now on with the countdown.