Monday, October 11

Busy Week for Activism

We've told you about the Freeway Blogger's National Freeway Free Speech Day this Wednesday - there's still time to join in. Also, don't forget the Sundance Channel's presentation of the Vote For Change concert. You can watch it online if you don't have Sundance - 6:30pm ET.

We also heard from our good friend, actor Bob "Don't Call Me Ron" Silver about a road trip from L.A. to Las Vegas to try to swing the vote away from the dark side. Here's the scuttlebutt:
Swing State trip #5 to Las Vegas

WHEN: October 16 @ 7:00 AM
WHERE: Our goal is 300 Kerry supporters on this trip so please sign up NOW!!!!

The push is on. This is the 1st weekend they can vote in NV.

Where are we going? Vegas baby!! What insiders call the Nevada 3rd Congressional

When? We depart on Saturday, Oct. 16th.

Pick ups at:
7:00am from the Metro station at Marine and Redondo Beach Ave. and return on Sunday, Oct. 17th before 11:00pm.

North Hollywood at 7:00am, Norwalk at 7:15am and at Monrovia at 7:30am, so hop on board and get on the bus!

We will add more pick up points if requested...

Why? Because our fellow Democrats have asked us to help them get out the vote in securing their 5 electoral votes for John Kerry. Oh, and because we have the passion and fire to do it!!

What we'll be doing? We have something for everyone from walking "door to door", data entry, phone calling.... Even taking people to the polls they can start to vote in NV starting OCT. 16.

Cost: Free bus ride with a suggested donation of $35. Shared hotel room in Jean, NV $20

If you can't make this trip, sign up for the next trip or sponsor an other volunteer.