Thursday, October 7

The Dope Is Projecting

Interesting choice of color for those W's in this picture...

Well, now that we know there were not only no WMDs, but Saddam didn't even HAVE plans for WMDs. And WMDs were the reason we went to WAR. I remember the dope's words precisely: "To disarm Saddam Hussein." Of imaginary arms, it turns out.

So who's doing the deceiving, according to President Dope? Kerry.

What a dope and a half. Kerry's GOT to kick his dopey ass tomorrow night.
Bush Says It's Kerry Misleading Americans
In Attempt to Turn Tables on Opponent, Bush Says Rival Kerry Is Misleading Americans

WAUSAU, Wis. Oct. 7, 2004 - President Bush took a sharp jab at his Democratic opponent on Thursday, saying John Kerry and not the White House was misleading the country about the war in Iraq.

It was the latest example of high-stakes finger-pointing on Iraq and the war on terror, the two overriding issues of this year's presidential election less than four weeks away on Nov. 2.

In Colorado, Kerry said Bush led the nation into war under false pretenses and is in denial about ongoing violence and instability in postwar Iraq. Kerry bluntly asserted that the president and vice president might be the "last two people on the planet who won't face the truth about Iraq."

Bush shot back a few hours later at a campaign rally in Wisconsin. Bush quoted Kerry, who wondered aloud in a speech two years ago whether Saddam Hussein might invade allies in the region or let the weapons of mass destruction he was suspected of possessing "slide off to one group or another in a region where weapons are the currency or the trade."

"Now today, my opponent tries to say I made up reasons to go to war," Bush told cheering supporters at an outdoor rally. "Just who's the one trying to mislead the American people?", you dope. What's your next question? "Just who is too much of a dope to run this country?"