Sunday, October 3

Fantasy Art for Kerry

The enormously talented Kirk Manley (who sent us the best rendering of Zell Miller right after the RNC convention) tells us what he's up to right now:
I have recently put together a unique fundraising event that is in progress right now. I am an illustrator and comic book artist. I got 5 other artist in the business and we all contributed original works. I have now set up e-bay auctions for each piece and all proceeds from each auction will be donated to the Kerry campaign or the DNC. Each auction states this fact in it's description. Here is a link to the auctions involved: CLICK

I have donated funds to both the Kerry camp and the DNC, but I wanted to do more. I wanted to get others involved and I wanted to find a way to help by using my Art. This seemed like a natural. I hope you will check it out. Any support or exposure that Hoffmania can provide to this fund raising effort will be appreciated.

Much thanks,

Done. This is a great idea. Thanks Kirk. Check out his own great work (including the full version of his rendering of Desiree Diaz, above) at his website.