Monday, October 4

Go Ahead, George! Tell Kerry He Forgot Poland Again! Go Ahead!

Just pray to God the entire world (including Kerry) hasn't seen this story.
Poland Leaders Aim to Pull Iraq Troops

Poland should withdraw its troops from Iraq by the end of next year, Polish leaders said Monday, the first time the key U.S. ally has indicated a timeframe for pulling its soldiers out of the wartorn nation.

President Aleksander Kwasniewski said no final decision has been made on when to withdraw forces but Warsaw was considering the late 2005 deadline with the hopes that elections scheduled for January in Iraq would bring stability to the country.

"We decided to speak with the Iraqis and our coalition partners (and) the United States about a reduction of the Polish forces from Jan. 1 - and maybe to finish our mission at the end of 2005," Kwasniewski said on a visit to Paris.