Saturday, October 9

I'm Really Sick of This Test of Character

Y'know - this is fine for judging talkshow hosts, baseball players and sizing up real potential friends. But call me nuts - I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to have a beer with my president. I want them brighter than me, smarter than me, classier than me.

Oh, yeah. I also want my president to be more sober than me. I'm just crazy that way.

Why is this still a valid question in the eyes of the press? This L.A. Times editorial this morning just pissed me off.
Paging Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was a rarity - the smartest kid in the class with whom everyone wanted to hang out. John Kerry is no Bill Clinton. The senator comes across as the smartest kid in the class, but a recent Zogby poll shows that only 9% of Americans would prefer to have a beer with him rather than President Bush.

Kerry failed in Friday night's town hall debate to address this weakness and bond with the audience, leaving ideologically uncommitted voters to choose between the smarter candidate and the likable one. Bush elicited more laughter from the audience, though he himself wasn't particularly engaging. At one point, the famously remote Kerry presumptuously assumed that only he, Bush and Charles Gibson, the moderator, would be affected by any tax increase for people making more than $200,000. Was he rendering a verdict on what the audience was wearing?