Monday, October 11


That's right. Call their bluff. Call Sinclair on their "equal time" gambit. Show up and match their hour of the Kerry smear with another hour. An hour of John Forbes Kerry setting the record straight. Going after Bush. Going after Cheney. Going after the failed policies of this administration.

On all 62 of the Sinclair stations. Every one of them.

For good measure, bring along some tapes of your own. Bush in the Florida classroom. U.S. soldiers in Iraq being ambushed. A woman who loses her son in combat. Where can you get these clips?

A phone call to Micahel Moore ought to do it. He'll be pleased to supply the clips for this.

But do it! Call them on their bluff to give you an hour of equal time. And if they lay ANY restrictions on you, they'll be revealed as the partisan liars which they are.

Go. A free hour of primetime TV airtime awaits. And you'll have the last word, Mr. Kerry.

That is, if Sinclair's as fair as they claim to be.

And if they decide to pull the thing entirely, then we'll know how they had ulterior motives.