Wednesday, October 6

One Week from Today: Freeway Free Speech Day

Looks like the venerable (we always use the word "venerable" for him) Freeway Blogger is going big time - and we couldn't be happier.

One week from today is his "Freeway Free Speech Day" - and he gives us an apprisal of how it's going so far...
Stats so far: 220 activists, 100+ cities, 33 states. With any luck there'll be a thousand people putting up signs on the thirteenth. Ask your readers to reply in the comments section with the cities/suburbs/municipalities they intend to hit and the number of people that'll be helping. I'm putting together one hell of a press release.

Thanks man - this is gonna rock.
Looks like it's already rocking. If you guys want to be a part of this true grassroots effort, go the the FB's site and read up. DO IT! He'll show you how unbelievably easy it really is.

We're lovin' his latest one shown above. There's a t-shirt waiting to happen...

By the way, Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary defines venerable as:

1. Capable of being venerated; worthy of veneration or reverence; deserving of honor and respect; -- generally implying an advanced age; as, a venerable magistrate; a venerable parent.

He was a man of eternal self-sacrifice, and that is always venerable. --De Quincey.

Works for me.