Tuesday, October 5

The Veep Debate

Cheney, sitting across from an adversary instead of a toady this time, is coming off as the cranky uncle who makes you want to leave the Thanksgiving table early and watch cartoons.

Gwen made a major mistake in saying she asked Edwards the question about Israel which he didn't seem to answer. Not the down-the-middle manner demanded here. It made Edwards make a small eruption ("I DID talk about Israel!"), but he got his revenge on the very next question. Gwen asked Cheney about jobs and we got a lecture on No Child Left Behind - Edwards was quick to point that out.

7:09pm PT: So far, no home runs on either side - but Edwards has to keep refuting Cheney's lies and exaggerations. It really seems that Cheney's strategy was to load the discussion with so much crap, that Edwards would spend all his time wiping it off. He didn't. He responded to the lies, then answered the questions. But the strategy is making the whole discussion kinda muddy.

The anticipation far exceeded the actual event, as they say. Edwards is cool and calm, and Cheney is nasty and calm. I could've ordered that pizza and not missed much.

I'm still waiting to see Edwards' closing argument - his specialty...