Friday, October 15

We're America! Planet Earth's Fat Obnoxious Neighbor!

Bush is killin' us worldwide. Our reputation is shot. Time to fix the yard, rebuild the house and get a new tenant.
Polls Show U.S. Reputation Spirals Down
America's Reputation Abroad Is Worsening, According to Polls in 10 Nations, Including Close Allies

America's popularity around the world has taken a beating in recent years, according to a set of coordinated polls conducted in 10 different countries. But the survey also found that despite widespread animosity toward President Bush, huge majorities said they have a good opinion of Americans.

"We like Americans, we don't like Bush," was how Britain's Guardian newspaper summarized the results of the surveys published Friday.

The polls found that to an overwhelming degree, respondents in most of the countries have a more negative view of the United States now than a few years ago, disapprove of the war in Iraq and dislike Bush. Democratic challenger John Kerry is favored often by landslide proportions in all but two of the nations.

On average, 57 percent said they had a worse opinion of the United States than two to three years ago, compared to 20 percent who said they had a higher opinion now. That question was asked each country except Russia.

In eight of the nations, more people said their view of America had worsened than improved. Seventy-four percent of Japanese, 70 percent of French, 67 percent of South Koreans, 64 percent of Canadians and 60 percent of Spaniards said they had a lower opinion of America now than a few years ago.