Friday, October 8

What the Snippy Little Crackhead Plans for Tonight

Having zero record of his own, he'll do everything he can to discredit Kerry's - and throw in a little danger threat under a Kerry presidency to boot. God, what a sleazebag. I hope Kerry breaks his hand again with the handshake.
Bush to rely on attack as best form of defence

George Bush plans to unleash a withering attack on his Democratic challenger in their debate rematch in Missouri tonight, scourging John Kerry's record in the Senate to argue that he would be a dangerous leader.

With the opinion polls suggesting that Mr Kerry's triumph in the first presidential debate last week has made it a closer race, President Bush cannot afford to let him win another round.

The Republican strategy presumes that a high-octane attack on Mr Kerry's fitness for office will deflect attention from Mr Bush's performance as the incumbent and put the Democrats on the defensive. That will handicap Democratic efforts to put the spotlight on Mr Bush's conduct of the war in Iraq.

"America is safer today with Saddam Hussein in prison," Mr Bush told reporters, but added: "Much of the accumulated body of our intelligence was wrong and we must find out why."

At the same time he has sought to impress on voters that in his view a Kerry presidency would make the US far less safe. "My opponent's weak, vacillating views would make for a more dangerous world," he said in a fundraising email aimed at supporters yesterday.