Tuesday, October 12

When the System Throws a Block, Circumvent the System

Every Blue State has a Red City. Ours is San Diego. Still, enough students struck back at Cal State San Marcos' president's cancellation of Michael Moore's speaking engagement. Let's hear it for these guys.
Moore Addresses Students In Speech That Almost Didn't Happen

Michael Moore addressed California State San Marcos students Tuesday night in a speech that was almost not going to happen.

University President Karen Haynes canceled the filmmaker's visit to the campus because she refused to spend state money on partisan politics, and she didn't have enough time to bring another speaker whose viewpoints could balance Moore's liberal bent.

The cancellation caused an uproar on campus, and the student government raised money on its own to finance Moore's visit, which cost $37,000.

Moore spoke at the Del Mar Fairgrounds as part of a 60-city "Slacker Uprising Tour" tour to urge students to vote.