Tuesday, July 15

The 3rd ID Will Stay in Iraq

More sad news for troops' families today:

WASHINGTON — Elements of the 3rd Infantry Division (search), who were told by their commanding general that they would be coming home next month and September, will now be held indefinitely in Iraq.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld told the Senate Armed Services Committee (search) last week that almost all of the 3rd -- which led the coalition rush from the Kuwait border to Baghdad -- would be home by September.

The 3rd Infantry Division deployed 16,500 troops to Iraq and suffered 36 deaths -- more than any other unit in the war -- and some of its troops have been in the region since September.

Maj. Gen. Buford C. Blount III, the division's commander, said last week he hoped the division's 1st and 2nd Brigade Combat Teams of roughly 9,000 soldiers could return home to Fort Stewart in Georgia within the next six weeks.

But the timing of homecomings for those soldiers, as well as the division's 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, is now indefinite.

The units have been ordered to stay "due to the uncertainty of the situation in Iraq and the recent increase in attacks on the coalition forces," Blount said in an e-mail message to Army spouses that was obtained by The Associated Press.

The news upset family members.

I'd say. To the point of cynicism. Why don't we revisit the Support3rdID Message Board to find out firsthand?

I think we already have Saddam but are keeping him hidden until a few months before elections. WE keep our troops over there on the pretense of looking for WMD and Saddam as well as keeping the peace however long it takes. Then within a few months of elections-lo and behold we have finally captured Saddam. What better way to win the election. It just a shame that our troops are pawns in the political games. Now do you think I have finally lost it. lol I still think we should organize and march on the Capital. Any takers?

It's a shame that they have fought the battle and now they have to live through yet another LET DOWN. And they are concerned about MORALE. DOES BUSH NOT REALIZE THAT NEXT YEAR IS AN ELECTION YEAR????? WE WILL NEVER FORGET. OR AT LEAST I WON"T!!!!! I'll take my frsutrations out at the polls.

my son is in 2 brigade and he has been there since october.
we have had enough .it is to hard to hear the lack of moral
in his voice . he is tired and so are they all!

I think he needs to get back to business and run his own damn presidency. Stop being the JR. Bush and step up to the plate and stop letting his advisors handle the things he should be handling!