Tuesday, July 22

Someone's Doing Their Job Out There

I've got to tip my brew to the troops who went into a battle against Udai and Qusai Hussein and came out victorious. Nobody in their right mind will feel any remorse for the demise of these two monsters. The stories which emerged solely from the Iraq Olympic athletes' treatment were horrific enough. Overall, we can be safe to say these guys won't be missed.

Will this lead to Daddy Dearest? And moreover, will it mean a diminishing of the resistance so we can HONESTLY say "Mission Accomplished" - and cease the use of daily body bags? We can hope...but please understand that while I'm glad this happened today, and even if we find Saddam, I still feel betrayed over our reasons for being there in the first place.

The troops today had no choice - they were fired on and they needed to fire back. But I hope that if our government still believes there are WMDs, they capture whoever knows where they are - alive.