Friday, July 25

Howard Dean Kicks the Crap Out Of Dubya

It's no secret I'm a supporter of Howard Dean for president. It's also no secret that the "moderate" Democrats don't like the guy because he's not, well...Republican enough. And even less of a secret is that the Democrats in general have been accused of not having a message.

Dean has a message today - and damn, it rocks. He takes Bush and Company to the woodshed and walks away with bloody fists in this missive at his blog site titled "The President Has Misled Us". And baby, it ain't just Iraq.

It's the economy, education, homeland security, health care, the environment, AmeriCorps and national service, veterans' affairs, housing and agriculture.

If anybody has become disenfranchised over what this country has turned into, read this immediately. If you know anyone who asks what Dean is all about, have them read it.

This is the guy who must run and debate these thugs in 2004.