Friday, July 25

How Much Is Too Much?

I've been wrestling with this whole deal of showing the corpses of Uday and Qusay Hussein all over the media. On one hand, it's "Okay, great. They're dead." On the other hand, it's at the very least ghoulish how the media are waving these images around like aerial banners.

Here's not only a great perspective, but a dimension which seemingly never occurred to the decision-makers here by

Today, video?

Now the government is releasing video of Saddam's dead sons, since the pictures released yesterday didn't sufficiently convince Iraqis. I am beyond belief here. Those 'grave reservations' that everyone had yesterday don't seem to exist today. That particular line has been breached once and for all, I guess.

What are they going to do tomorrow - Throw the bodies on a truck and drive them around Baghdad? This is beyond ghoulish, and it shows a certain level of desperation in the administration.

And it looks like one of the brothers was shaved of his beard - a big no-no in the Islamic world.

Oopsie daisy. Uncanny how we can take one of the few shining moments of this sloppy war and turn it into a public relations (and security) debacle - again?