Wednesday, July 16

CA Recall: The News Just Gets Stupider. Literally.

Honesty and politics never mixed well. In the California gubernatorial recall effort, it's turned into a freakin' costume party. From the LA Times:

Opponents of the recall unveiled a lawsuit seeking to slow or stop an election, arguing that the actions of paid petition circulators violated state law and threatened "the legitimacy and integrity of our electoral system."

A spokeswoman for the recall's biggest financial backer, Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, immediately called her own news conference on a nearby sidewalk, where she dismissed the allegations as "absolutely absurd." The spokeswoman, Monica Getz, was later suspended from her job without pay for impersonating a reporter to attend the recall opponents' news conference.

Not fired, mind you. "Suspended without pay." And the media, who should be outraged by this to the point of going on a rampage from a rooftop, hardly give it a glance. The LA Times put this on page 8B today.

Darrell Issa and Monica Getz made a mockery of their profession. I guess it's true...the press just doesn't care. Not about the news. And definitely not about themselves.