Monday, July 21

From the Pen of: Michael Ramirez

Sometimes, the wingnuts just self-immolate. Take neocon cartoonist Michael Ramirez in the Sunday LA Times. attempted satire of the renowned Vietnam execution photo. My first reaction when I saw this Sunday morning was, "If you put Gray Davis in place of Bush in this, it's the same exact thing," since Ramirez has penned a number of diatribes against the California governor - currently the subject of a Republican recall.

I guess I was being 'way too charitable. Word is coming out that the Secret Service is more than slightly ticked off at Ramirez' toonatorial here. Drudge, of all people, reports:

A LOS ANGELES TIMES comic Sunday that graphically showed President Bush being held at direct gun-point has raised concerns within the Secret Service, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

"We take all images such as this very seriously," a top secret service source who requested anonymity said from Washington. "Regardless of the politics behind any speech, images of the president, such as this, raise concern."

I could take Ramirez to task for his sick thinking, but since I didn't catch it either, I'll work up a comment later about my own sick thinking. It's a subject I have firsthand knowledge of.