Thursday, July 17

The Unfolding Scandal

It's happening now.

And it's not about a third-person real estate deal, an unfounded travel agency deal, or even a went-15-deep-in-the-bench-to-find-a-sex indiscretion.

This is about the reasons we were given to attack, bomb, gut and filet another country which cost hundreds of our lives and thousands of lives of Iraqi citizens. To get one evil guy. Who is still at large.

Tenet Says Official Wanted Iraq Claim
By KEN GUGGENHEIM, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - CIA Director George Tenet told members of Congress a White House official insisted that President Bush's State of the Union address include an assertion about Saddam Hussein's nuclear intentions that had not been verified, a Senate Intelligence Committee member said Thursday.

Sen. Dick Durbin, who was present for a 4 1/2-hour appearance by Tenet behind closed doors with Intelligence Committee members Wednesday, said Tenet named the official. But the Illinois Democrat said that person's identity could not be revealed because of the confidentiality of the proceedings.

Already Durbin's comments are being trashed because he's a Democrat. Forget that he's a senator. Forget that he's on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Instead, keep in mind that he's not a vindictive ex-employee who'd betray a friend to make a name for themselves (Linda Tripp). That he didn't dig under toenails and rocks to come up with some lameass reason why travel agents were replaced (Robert Ray). That he's not a vicious svengali currently running a sick and twisted web site (Lucianne Goldberg).

And yet, he'll be dismissed as biased. Much unlike the the aforementioned impartial folks who some still place high on the credibility scale.

Call me nuts.