Tuesday, July 15


Um...in the middle of the Washington Post's story on the ongoing 16-words abortion, did anyone catch this?

Defending the broader decision to go to war with Iraq, the president said the decision was made after he gave Saddam Hussein "a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in."

EXCUSE ME? NOW the reason to go to war is over the honor of the U.N. inspectors? The same inspectors that the wingnuts character-assassinated for not being fast enough for their liking? The inspectors who were headed by Hans Blix - who was constantly harangued by the likes of Sean Hannity who poked fun of his heritage by talking about him in a German accent? (Of course the fact that Blix is Swiss never got in the way of his mediocre Hitler impersonation.)

So the main cause for war WASN'T:
- Weapons of mass destruction
- Buying yellowcake from Niger
- The oppression of the Iraqi people
- Saddam threatening Bush I
- Harboring and training al Qaida
- Selling nukes to terrorists
- Direct or indirect help with 9/11
- Saddam making crank calls to Cheney
- Disarming Saddam of...well...nothing we can find

Do you seriously believe any of this about-facing by this administration? If you do, then nothing any of us in the blogosphere has been telling you will mean a damned thing. You, my friend, are so blinded by his folksiness and what talkradio has been feeding you that you will just never see how dangerous any of this is.

And it's mostly because you still harbor a resounding jealousy for an extraordinarily smart and charismatic former president whose only crimes were having extramarital sex and not being a Republican.

I hope Dubya says a prayer for you when he has his morning chats with God.

(P.S. - UPDATE: Thankfully, Joe Conason also noticed.)