Monday, July 28

And The List Grows

Arianna Huffington held a party for roughly 65 of her closest friends the other night (Gee...65? Why, that's the same number of signatures you need plus $3500 to get your name on the ballot!) to discuss her entry into the California gubernatorial recall election (Gee, I hate when I foreshadow myself like that). From

It's not official yet, but she's off and running. That was the message at Arianna Huffington's home in posh Brentwood, Calif., on Sunday afternoon, where several dozen political activists and advisors gathered to hear the author and Salon columnist make her case for jumping into the race to recall California Gov. Gray Davis. The only thing that would keep Huffington out of what is shaping up as an electoral free-for-all would be the sudden entry of a major Democratic rival to Davis -- and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the only likely such 800-pound gorilla, is still rejecting entreaties to rescue the party from the rapidly melting Davis.

"If Feinstein runs, I won't," Huffington told the Sunday gathering. "This campaign is to win, not to be a spoiler and hand the state over to the Republicans."

Arianna has become one of the good guys over the last couple of years. And with her monetary clout, she could be a pretty decent candidate - especially if she ends up running against Leon Panetta.

I really have no pithy comment here. And I'll probably completely flatline when all the candidates are finally announced. But I'm standing by my prediction that this recall business is going to be more bizarre than anyone imagined.