Thursday, July 17

Strolling Down Memory Lane!

Every once in a while, I like to revisit that wacky September 2000 document known as Rebuilding America's Defenses by the Project for the New American Century. You know the one...kind of Paul Wolfowitz's audition for Dubya while he was still professoring at Johns Hopkins.

Hey! Remember this?

As recent strikes against Iraq demonstrate, the preferred weapon for punitive raids is the cruise missile, supplemented by stealthy strike aircraft and longer-range Air Force strike aircraft.

Ah yes. The much-hated "lobbing of missles into Baghdad by Clinton" as talkradio likes to call it. Seems Paul and Company kinda liked what they saw after all, eh?

Then there's this!

...the Clinton Administration's defense plans continue to place a higher priority on immediate needs than on preparing for a more challenging technological or geo-political future...

Immediate needs like, oh...terrorist attacks? The ones the Clinton administration tried to warn you guys about when the baton was passed in January 2001, but you chose to ignore until it was too late? THOSE immediate needs? That rascal Clinton.

But we digress. There are hotspots for us to pay attention to.

The current American peace will be short-lived if the United States becomes vulnerable to rogue powers with small, inexpensive arsenals of ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads or other weapons of mass destruction. We cannot allow North Korea, Iran, Iraq or similar states to undermine American leadership, intimidate American allies or threaten the American homeland itself.

HOOP...there it is! The birth of the Axis of Evil! An early usage of "Weapons of Mass Destruction"! Huh. Not only did they not count on someone attacking us with box cutters, they ended up going after the wrong Evil. With the wrong evidence. And yet, they still can't bring themselves to admit that North Korea is still a danger for some reason.

Weird. North Koreans are being oppressed like Iraqis. Over 2 million have died like Iraqis. Their leader is a madman like Iraq's. He has tangible proof of a nuclear program UNLIKE Iraq. They have miles and miles of rich oilfields just like...

Oh, just forget I brought it up.