Sunday, July 27

It's All Sounding Horribly Familiar

TIKRIT, Iraq (CNN) -- U.S. forces early Sunday raided three farm houses in Saddam Hussein's ancestral hometown of Tikrit where officials said intelligence indicated Saddam's security chief -- or possibly the deposed dictator himself -- had recently been.

An official in Baghdad told CNN the security chief was not found at any of the locations and that no one was taken into custody.

Another U.S. military source, this one in Tikrit itself, told CNN the raids were based on reliable intelligence that Saddam likely had been at the farms before the raids.

The official told CNN the military believes it has Saddam "on the run," that he is in the Tikrit area and is changing his location every two to four hours.

Sounds like he's taking the Osama bin Laden tour. We were supposedly two-to-three hours behind him, too. Once upon a time, that is.