Wednesday, July 30

Take Responsibility! (The "News Conference")

Bush is having one of his petulant press conferences right now. How many times is he going to invoke the phrase "which started in March of 2000" when he talks about the economy? Using that logic, Clinton's tenure represents only nine out of 40 months since this economic cycle's been in trouble. Bush also blamed corporate greed (!), war, unemployment and the boogeyman - most of which were created by Bush himself.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, GEORGE. Be a big boy and accept your responsibility for the 31 months you've been driving the economy into the toilet.

The reporters always feel the need to soften their questions to accomodate Bush's feelings. "Mr. President, the world is so much better with Saddam Hussein out of power! But some people say there's no post-war plan..." or "The economy seems to be on the upswing, but how do you answer critics who say..." etc.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, NEWSPEOPLE. Do your jobs and ask the hard questions. God knows there's enough of 'em out there. And ask them first-person. Show some guts for once in your useless lives.

And wait a minute...was this whole charade staged? He just pointed to a reporter and said, "You have a Liberia question?" She did. Either he's a master mindreader or...yeah...all the questions have been screened in advance.

I'm shutting this crap off.