Sunday, July 13

From the Pen of: Chuck Asay

This guy's so off-base, he's in right field. Literally.

Folks, here's a classic example of the right's revisionist history. After investigations of Whitewater, Travelgate, Paula Jones, etc, Mr. Asay seems to forget that Clinton was cleared of all that. And the press wasn't exactly asleep at the switch every time one of those charges cropped up - although who would've blamed them after all the crying wolf? But when they finally dug up him having a girlfriend on the side, the press was relentless - INCLUDING the NY Times, Washington Post, et al.

Besides, how did any of those non-scandals put us in a situation which cost us over 200 American lives?

This leads me to the question I always ask and can never seem to get an answer. What exactly did Bill Clinton do that did so much harm to our country? And PLEASE don't tell me "Monica Lewinsky." Feel free to add a comment in the left column message board.