Tuesday, April 20

Air America: Back In L.A.?

Good news posted today at the Air America website...

Air America Radio to Announce New Stations in Chicago and Los Angeles Shortly

We are in discussions to broadcast Air America Radio on strong signal stations in Chicago and Los Angeles. We'll have an announcement on these developments shortly.

In addition, Air America Radio will continue to add stations around the country. In fact, in the three weeks since our launch, we already have added 11 stations.

Air America Radio can currently be heard on the web at airamericaradio.com, XM Satellite Radio, Channel 167, Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 125, and the following stations: WLIB 1190 AM in New York; WNTD 950 AM in Chicago; KPOJ 620 AM in Portland, OR; KCAA 1050 AM in the Inland Empire, CA; WMNN 1330 AM in Minneapolis/St. Paul; and WCHL 1360 AM in Chapel Hill, NC.

Air America Radio recently announced new affiliations with KVT0 1400 AM and KVVN 1430 AM in the San Francisco Bay Area; KSQR 1240 AM in Sacramento, CA; WMTW 870 AM in Portland, ME; KBZC 1300 AM in Colorado Springs, CO; WJNO 1290 AM in West Palm Beach, FL; WTWK 1070 AM in Plattsburg, NY & Burlington, VT; and WKIZ 1500 AM in Key West, FL.

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