Friday, April 30

Dear XM Radio...

Please - PLEASE - keep me as a customer and carry Air America Radio 24/7 instead of breaking it up with these other hosts? Please?

Today, Ed Schultz (whose show pre-empts the first three hours of Randi Rhodes) reran a show where he asked listeners for ad ideas for Kerry. One caller said they should make an ad out of Bush's famous "Fool Me Once, Shame On You" speech. Schultz (on a RERUN, mind you, so this is the second time his audience heard this) said, "Oh, did Bush mess that up, did he?" It's like Schultz doesn't know anything that happened before 2003, making it painfully obvious that he's a newcomer to lib'rul politics.

And don't get me started on having to hear Alan Colmes on my way home from work.

Sirius has Air America on its own dedicated channel, and it's looking real good to me right now - not to mention the NHL, NBA and NFL channels. Whattya say, XM?