Monday, April 19

These People Vote

And as long as they do, we have our work cut out for us. By the way, they also drive and walk among us. A letter in this morning's L.A. Times...

So, thousands of foreign terrorists, jihad warriors, Islamic extremists and would-be suicide bombers flock to Iraq and Afghanistan to gladly give their lives to maybe maim or kill a couple of U.S. soldiers. Or would you rather those same fanatics make their way to an American city — or Great Britain, or Spain, or France — to attack civilian "soft" targets?

No, I'd rather take them on in Afghanistan or Iraq, with the best force we can muster — the U.S. military. I say the president's got it right: "Bring 'em on!"

(Name and town not reproduced here)
I think the notion of not giving them any more reasons to attack us ANYWHERE - as if we don't have enough terror to worry about - never entered this guy's head.